the limes

Situated in the St James Conservation area, The Limes is a large derelict Victorian property, formerly a care home.

This proposal sees the restoration of the building’s most attractive original features and creating 15 exciting apartments for the Didsbury market. In addition to this,  various existing outlying 1980’s structures are to be demolished and replaced with four new town houses that share a language with the apartments and reflect the character of the areas architecture while taking a contemporary and elegant approach.

The scheme honestly acknowledges what is old and what is new, what is worth retaining and what is not. The addition of the townhouses will enhance the site’s potential given their key position and presence on Wilmslow Road.  What is currently overgrown will be cleared and replaced with new boundary treatments of hard and soft landscaping that will hugely complement the wider setting.

Our public consultation was a great success in which we presented our proposal, using card models to communicate our design and engage with the neighbouring residents.

ATA have worked with Property Alliance Group, Manchester City Council and Heritage and Highways consultants throughout the process to ensure a collaborative and holistic approach to the design, respecting the conservation area status of the site.