eco house

A one-off house design that had already obtained planning approval with a previous designer . We were approached to add an ATA design and whilst re-designing instill a passive haus approach. We successfully retained the footprint for planning ease and made the overall scheme more compact and without increasing future build costs.

Several small volumes were omitted from the previous design, such as a dormer roof window and a several single storey rear elements which were making the design feel like a conversion rather than a new-build. This reduced unnecessary costs in addition to the change from a masonry two storey bay to a frame with full height windows and balcony to enhance the master suite. A large roof with generous overhang was added to enhance proportions allowing for a feature of three projecting rafter tails with wire frames and climber to the right hand side of the front elevation.

Finally we provided landscaping proposals to further enhance the scheme, add privacy and visual depth to the plot.

Kit Knowles of Ecospheric is consulting on Passiv Haus principles.

*A model of the original design was produced at the outset and is the final image in the following sequence.