A development of five high-end contemporary new build houses nestled in an ancient woodland in Prestbury. All 5 of these amazing plots are available on rightmove right now! Follow the link for more details.

Each dwelling has been carefully designed to sit in clearings between trees, delicately avoiding extensive tree protection areas. Each is angled towards the best views, whilst the cranked plans naturally create asymmetric roofs. The internal layout of each captures morning and evening sunlight deep into the open plan kitchens and master bedrooms along with open, framed or vertical views of adjacent tree canopies. Louvered screens further the notion of being in the branches of a tree and provide variegated light to the rooms interiors at first and second floor level.

External walkways root the dwelling’s in their individual plots by extending into the landscape and wrapping a sitting area around an existing element in the landscape, such as a tree or a mound. In addition to creating spaces to enjoy views of the house and the garden they also create stunning views from the interior outwardly through the columns.

The planting in the private gardens blends with the woodland and the whole approach through the site handled like a parkland landscape with both ornamental and native grasses, new trees and minimal boundaries.

We have worked very closely with Carolyn Willitts of CW Studio to enhance the soft rural landscaping.

Hand-made card and balsa wood models were used at five stages throughout the design and were essential to demonstrate to planning and wider bodies the schemes sensitive scale, massing and form.

The project was recognised earlier this year when shortlisted for the President’s Award at the Manchester Society of Architects annual awards.

Plot 2, 4 & 5 – 339m² //  3651sqft

Plot 3 – 353m² // 3795sqft

Plot 1 –  331m² // 3570sqft

Client: Property Alliance Group

Location: Prestbury, Cheshire

Total number of residential units: 5

Total development: 1023m² // 11011sqft

Status: Pre-construction

Visuals by Darc Studio