heathfield house wins 50% extension in the greenbelt

Heathfield House has just won planning for the change of use and extension of an outbuilding to form a single dwelling in the greenbelt. This was a great win for us as we managed to increase the existing floor area by 50% rather than the usual 30% limit under very special circumstances on the application.

The use of thoughtful design creates a subservient addition to the dwelling which maximises the gained floor area. The proposal is well screened to the neighbouring properties and considers the local materials and forms of the surrounding ribbon development with aspects of contemporary consideration.

We look forward to progressing the project with Emery planning and our fantastic client!

preview of high end hotel in wilmslow

On Tuesday 10th December we held a public consultation where we released the first images and drawings for a high end hotel to replace tesco metro and the sports bar in wilmslow. The consultation was a huge success with a turn out of over 100 people! We had a great interaction between the public and our hand crafted model, concluding the day with excellent feedback from the public!